Vegas Transportation – Your Ideal Guide to Getting Around Vegas Public Transportation Vs Taxis

Commuting in Vegas breaks down to six major options: taxis, limos, trolleys, the C.A.T./Deuce, car rentals, and monorails. People are constantly weighing out their options on how to get around in Las Vegas. Well here I have broken it down for you the most practical uses, for the most popular modes of transportation while visiting Las Vegas. Please allow me to use my pro’s and con’s method of explanation to help you decide what your ideal transportation method will be the next time you decide to visit Las Vegas.

Taxis in Las Vegas will run you up quite a bit if you plan on traveling far and often. The rates in Las Vegas for taxis are as follows; $3.30 to start meter, and roughly $2.20 a mile including gas surcharge, around $1.20 McCarran Airport pick-up fee, and $ 28.00/ hr wait fee. At this point essentially to just leave the airport, and go anywhere within a three mile radius you have already spent almost $20! Also, unlike most metropolitan cities, it is not allowed to hail a cab from the side of the road. Keep this in mind, if deciding to start walking and then not feeling up to it along the way. Cabs are allowed to pick up passengers at all the casinos, and most any business you visit in Las Vegas. Ask for them to call a cab, odds are they will.

The C.A.T. (Citizens Area Transport/ Deuce is Vegas’ idea of public transportation. If visiting from remote parts of the country this might seem like a great feat to you but, in my experience, Vegas public transportation frightens me. It is a bit disorganized in means of arrival times, and the lack of shelter/ protection from the road is very meager. On the bright side, the CAT or the Deuce, one of the two, will always show up. The CAT buses are supposed to run From 3 pm to 11 pm, every 7 minutes. Between 2 am to 5 am, they run every 17 minutes. Please be aware not all CAT bus routes are 24 hours, and the gap for most routes is from 1 am till 5 am. The deuce which runs from downtown all the way back up to Las Vegas outlet stores 24/7, is fairly consistent and probably the best way to visit all major casinos, so long as there is no time crunch, seeing as Vegas traffic is very unpredictable.